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LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

Custom Bladefree LASIK is the most common type of vision correction surgery that we perform at Eye Associates. LASIK Eye Surgery is a method of corneal laser eye surgery that we can use to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism with a quick visual recovery and minimal discomfort. LASIK Surgery is a type of laser eye surgery called “lamellar eye surgery” because it is performed between the layers of corneal tissue. This is accomplished by using the femtosecond to create a very thin flap of corneal tissue that can be lifted and the excimer laser energy applied, followed by returning of the flap to its original position without the need for stitches. Our LASIK Team’s training, experience and expertise in performing laser eye surgery such as LASIK, offers patients an added sense of confidence in the safety, efficacy and predictability of having LASIK at Eye Associates.

What to Expect the Day of LASIK

Prior to the procedure, a nurse will prep your eye by putting a numbing drop, antibiotic drops, and a steroid drop in your eye. Once the laser has been properly calibrated, Dr. Tyson will place an eyelid holder in your eye to keep it open throughout the procedure. Dr. Tyson then uses the laser to create a corneal flap. A cool laser beam of light from the excimer laser is then used to precisely and gently reshape the cornea. When Dr. Tyson is finished, the flap is carefully put back into place, and after two to three minutes, the eyelid holder is removed. After your procedure is completed, you will relax in the comfortable recovery area for about ten to fifteen minutes. Dr. Tyson will check your eyes at the slit lamp to make sure the flap is in good position before you leave the center. You are given protective eye shields to place over your eyes to prevent you from rubbing your eyes while sleeping during the first week, and sunglasses to reduce the discomfort that sunlight may cause. During this early postoperative period, it is important to not squeeze or rub the eyes. Antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drops are used to prevent infection and decrease inflammation.

What to Expect After Your LASIK Procedure

LASIK permits the healing and visual recovery process to be quick and predictable for most patients. After leaving the center, it is recommended that patients keep their eye closed the day of surgery. Later that evening, most patients will see a noticeable improvement in their vision. Many patients go back to work the next day, while others wait a few days. Dr. Tyson will see you for a postoperative check the first day after surgery. There are a few restrictions for a week or so following your procedure, but as long as you follow your doctor’s instructions, you should be free to resume all of your normal activities thereafter. Steroid and antibiotic drops are taken for the first five days after surgery. For a few days after your LASIK Eye Surgery, you will need to be careful not to rub or bump your eyes. It is expected that you will have a mild “sandy” or “gritty” sensation during the first day or so after your LASIK surgery. We will give you complete instructions regarding eye drops and medications to use to help the healing and visual recovery process.


It is important that require for all scheduled follow-up visits to check the healing process, regardless of how well you think you are doing. Most LASIK patients at Eye Associates are able to pass the New Jersey Motor Vehicles Eye Test (NJMVT without eyeglasses or contacts within a day or so after their LASIK Surgery.

You should feel free to discuss any fears, concerns, questions or thoughts about LASIK or any corneal laser eye surgery with our surgeons or the staff. Our staff is available to answer any questions or to address any needs you may have regarding Laser Vision Correction at Eye Associates. We will be pleased to spend whatever time is necessary to review any information about the LASIK procedure, what to expect on LASIK surgery day, follow-up care, fees and affordable “no money down” easy monthly payment plans that will fit into your budget.