Patient Testimonials

Name: Nick Borro

“Eye Associates has been my provider for 10 years. I have known Dr. Tyson from my beginng here and he has always been awesome… a good-hearted man with amazing talent! It is amazing to be able to wake up for the first time in 20 years and not have to reach for my glasses!”

Name: Sheri Maffei

“I did my research online about facilities & doctors near me. I decided to give Eye Associates a try since they were listed as one of the best – and boy were their ratings correct! When it comes to my eyes, it’s an easy choice to have a great doctor.”

Name: Charles Goss
Title: J. Wilhelm Roofing Owner

“Dr. Tyson and his staff are absolutely wonderful. Having visited Eye Associates and the SurgiCenter of Vineland for several appointments including a variety of LASIK and Cataract procedures, I am proud to be standing here today wearing no glasses or contacts for the first time in 55 years.”

Name: Kristine Howell

“This is the Disney world of eye surgery and care! The entire staff was so nice, happy, and helpful. They made me feel completely safe and secure with their competency. As a professional in healthcare, I know what it takes to run a facility of this caliber, and I must say I am amazed! I see perfectly for the first time in my life.”

Name: Patricia Schmidt

“I have heard so many good things about Dr. Tyson and Eye Associates, but to actually be one of his patients is life changing. It is so wonderful to wake up in the morning and see the alarm clock clearly!”

Name: John Welbourn
Title: Philadelphia Eagles Starting Lineman (1999)

“Having good vision is very important to me as well as to my career. I researched for the best surgeon around and that’s why I chose Dr. Tyson to do my LASIK. I am thrilled to be rid of my contact lenses. I am looking forward to a great season next year thanks to Dr. Tyson and the Eye Associates staff.”

Name: Brian Sucheski, M.D.
Title: Wills Eye Hospital LASIK Surgeon

“One week after my surgery my vision is 20/15 in both eyes…As a Wills Eye trained surgeon I had watched many of the other surgeons, Dr. Tyson is one of the best surgeons technically and also has a great bedside manner with his patients…I need perfect vision and this is what Dr. Tyson provided for me…I would strongly recommend Dr. Tyson to anybody considering LASIK.”

Name: Keith Morgan
Title: Attorney

“The entire procedure exceeded my expectations regarding my post procedure vision and the pain involved…My vision is now better than it was while wearing glasses…I did not experience one bit of discomfort or pain after the procedure…Your staff is extremely courteous and professional, and I would not hesitate to recommend your services.”

Name: Patricia Shaw
Title: Correctional Officer

I feel liberated…You can not believe how great it feels not to search for glasses that were always lost or feeling around for contacts to put in…I now wake up and just open my eyes, everything is clear…It’s superb!…I chose Dr. Tyson because of his honest appearance, it was something about his smile!

Name: John Nurnberger
Title: Pastor

“I can sit down and read a book, I can shave in front of the mirror, drive a car, in short do almost anything I want without glasses…After wearing glasses for 40+ years, it is a wonderful, incredible welcome change…I chose Dr. Tyson because I was satisfied with his credentials, and the way in which the procedure was explained to me…I have been pleased with my choice.”

Name: Larry DeSanto
Title: Computer Programmer

“LASIK has allowed to be free of wearing glasses and contacts…My decision to choose Dr. Tyson is a combination of referrals from friends, his expertise and friendliness, the doctors excellent success record, it was close to my home, the cost was lower than other LASIK Centers, and Dr. Tyson does it all from the beginning to end…Thank you Dr. Tyson.”

Name: Joseph Leone
Title: Engineering Manager

“After wearing glasses for over 50 years, this was absolutely remarkable…I chose Dr. Tyson because of his knowledge and background as well as his straight forwarded, non-pressure personality…His association with Wills Eye and Harvard education were the initial keys.”


Name: Florence Flake
Title: Production Control Supervisor

“My husband and I saw different ads for Eye Associates, and decided to go in for the FREE Consultation…..We felt very comfortable with the staff and very comfortable and confident with Dr. Tyson… I recommend Dr. Tyson and this procedure to everyone. I can’t say enough…being free from my glasses, seeing things by just looking is a kind of freedom I am enjoying.”

Name: Geoffrey Motluck
Title: Graphic Artist

“Having worn glasses and/or contacts for 22 years, I was thrilled when I found out that I was an ideal candidate for the LASIK procedure…Up until the day of my procedure, something as simple as waking up and being able to see a clock across the room was unimaginable…The surgery was quick, painless, and entirely successful…I believe I can see better now than I ever could with glasses or contacts…My only regret is that I didn’t have LASIK done sooner!”

Name: Joseph Kornicki
Title: Accountant/Attorney

“I never really remembered a time when I didn’t wear glasses or contacts… My vision was so poor that I could not do anything without my contacts, my morning ritual always started with my contacts…Since my LASIK procedure, I feel a whole new freedom that I never had in my life…I still marvel at how clear my vision is first thing when I wake up in the morning…I am truly grateful for Dr. Tyson for this miracle in my life!”

Name: Larry Chiovari
Title: Electrician

“I am very satisfied with the procedure and extremely happy I did it… When asked about LASIK, I am very happy to recommend Dr. Tyson, Staff and Facility…Thank you Dr. Tyson…”


Name: Sanjay Malhan
Title: Owner, Vineland Liquors

“I underwent LASIK because I felt useless without my glasses. I couldn’t play contact sports, swim or jog and worst of all couldn’t see the clock in the morning, then I heard about Dr. Tyson from a friend … After LASIK my vision is excellent. This was by far the best investments that I ever made.”

Name: Raul Munoz, M.D.
Title: Chief of Anesthesiology

Ambulatory Care Center “As a doctor my eyes are very important to me and I wouldn’t trust them to anyone else…It is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself…My eyes are better than 20/20 and I am able to pilot an airplane without glasses…Thank you Dr. Tyson..”

Name: Linda Castellini
Title: Sales

“LASIK changed my life…Contacts or Glasses didn’t really give me good clear vision… I read about Dr. Tyson and followed up on his credentials, not only is he a genuinely nice person but also very well educated and experienced…Within minutes my life was changed forever. I have worn glasses since I was 6 years old. I see better now than ever!…It is a beautiful world out there and I am so glad I can see it!…Thank you Dr. Tyson…”